Where to get a keg in Houston

Below is a list of liquor stores that sell kegs in Houston, TX.

Location Type Deposit Rental Ice Delivery Order Contact Notes
Beverage Barn Liquor Store Keg $50
Tap/Tub $70
Tap/Tub $15 80lb included Within 30 mi radius
Delivery ~ $25
Pick up ~ $13
(713) 789-5347 Full price list
Free CO2 refill with purchase of full size kegs (15.5g)
Jugs Draft Craft Beer Store / Growler Station (713) 640-5406
Premium Draught Craft Beer Store / Growler Station Keg $50
Tap $60
Tub $25
(713) 869-1522 Keg list sometimes posted on twitter @premiumdraught
Specs Liquor Store Keg $50
Tap $50
Tub $30
Included No 10+ Locations Full price list
Only some Spec's stores sells kegs, some known locations that do are Spec's midtown/fourth ward, and Spec's West University.
Tony K's Home of Fine Spirits Liquor Store (713) 520-1072