Where to get a keg in Austin

Below is a list of liquor stores that sell kegs in Austin, TX.

Location Type Deposit Rental Ice Delivery Order Contact Notes
Junior's Beer and Wine Liquor Store Keg $30
Free tap/tub/keb rentals Yes (512) 222-7577
Online order form
Full Inventory/Price List
Party Barn Liquor Store Keg/Tap/Tub $140 Free rentals 10lb/$1.49
50lb $6.99
Yes (512) 451-8508 Full Inventory/Price List
Smitty's Beer & Wine Liquor Store Keg $30
Tap $40
Tub $20
Plastic tap - $3.99
Standard Tap - $5.99
Tub - Free
20lb/$5 Yes (512) 905-8123 Full Inventory/Price List
50 cups/$5